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In case of calamity

After a disaster, despite the trauma associated with it, it is imperative to carry out several successive steps in order to preserve your rights to compensation.

Mistakes in these approaches would lead to many difficulties, sometimes with financial consequences.

The insurance contract is the keystone of the system; it is therefore advisable to scrupulously observe all the steps, but also to analyze it to know precisely which guarantees have been subscribed, which costs can be borne by the Insurer depending on the nature of the claim itself.

The stages of compensation

A claim must be sent to your insurer within the time limits stipulated in the contracts. We, Public Loss Adjusters, will intervene from the first steps of the payment of a deposit until final settlement of the indemnity.

We will propose to the company loss adjuster's the implementation of immediate measures to avoid any aggravation of the disaster.

The Loss Adjuster who will be appointed by your insurer will check for compliance and assess the damage.

At this critical stage, our role will be to negotiate point by point damage (buildings, movables, financial losses).

Based on our experience, we will analyze your contract in order to claim all the guarantees to which you are entitled, in order to arrive at a just and coherent compensation project.

So that you can devote yourself entirely to what is essential for you: your loved ones and the revival of your activity; we will take care of the entire management of your claim.

However, you will remain fully decision-making at each step of this process through continuous communication until the balance of your compensation.

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